Handy Mini Heater

Handy Mini Heater

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Say goodbye to big, bulky heaters that take up too much space in your room — the Handy Mini Heater is here! As its name goes, this is one heater that is as portable as you want it to be.

It is the perfect addition to any room (or place) that has a wall outlet. It is such a space-saver that its three-prong plug can rotate into a full 180 degrees to circulate warm air, which covers up to 25 square meters (250 square feet). It operates as quietly as a whisper with its 350-Watt Energy Smart heating power. You can even monitor and manage its features through its digital thermometer and 12-hour programmable timer.

With the Handy Mini Heater, you will never feel the cold again. Be sure to take it with you anytime, anywhere!

Material: Stay-Cool Plastic (PP&ABS) Housing Protects Ceramic Heating Element
Size: 10 x 7.5 x 16cm
Voltage: 110V to 220V (300W-400W Energy Smart Power)
Heat Space: 23 square meters (250 square feet)
Temperature: 15 to 32 degrees
Heat Preservation Duration: 10 to 14 Hours
Built-in Features: Adjustable Digital Thermostat, 2-Hour Programmable Timer, and Automatic Shutoff