Magic Puzzle 3x3x3 Cubes

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Product Description

Dear buyer,
TOOKKY'S Magic cube set is the right CHOICE for you!

ENJOY HIGH-QUALITY SPEED CUBES– EASY TURNING for a SMOOTH PLAY – This AMAZING set includes 3 different SPEED MAGIC CUBES: one standard colorful 3x3x3 cube, one Sudoku 3x3x3 puzzle cube & one animal puzzle cube, with 6 colorful different animals' pictures. The cubes are super-fast without working hard – exactly what you need from speed cubes. DON'T SURE HOW TO SOLVE THE CUBES? Don't worry, few hours after purchasing this set, you will get from us Full guidance about how to solve them.

AN AMAZIN GIFT IDEA – Everyone just loves the Magic Puzzle Cubes – They're awesome cool unique gift idea for boys and girls, kids, teens, and adults. These set suites all ages 5-100. Need something for your children to do in the car or on the plane? Is it impossible to find unique gifts this year? Need Christmas gifts, office gifts, birthday gifts, valentine gifts, Mom’s Day or Father's day gifts, or just like to collect cubes? Add one or several Speed Cubes to your cart now!

GET FASTER AND SHARPER THAN EVER – The Magic Puzzle Cube's internal corners are slightly rounded, which makes it far easier and quicker to turn. Want to shave a few seconds off your winning time? Want a TIP? Try lubricating your speed cube with silicone oil type lubricants, that way it will be even smoother and faster.

THE CUBES ARE ECO FRIENDLY ABS material, non-toxic, reliable and lightweight, harmless to human and environment

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Get our Magic cube set, try it and if you don't like it, NO WORRIES, we provide a full money back guarantee for a year!!

What will you have in the set?
•A lovely box (Dimensions: Length: 17.20 cm, Height, Width: 5.70 cm, Weight: 281 gr)
•3 colorful high-quality speed cubes: Sudoku cube, a Regular colorful & an animal cube, (Dimensions of each cube: Length, Height, Width=56.7 mm, Weight= 93.6 gr)
•25% off on our Dinosaurs Kit. You are welcome to search this product in our store.
Who will ENJOY this set?
•The set is great for KIDS, ages 5-10 and TEENS, ages 11-19. It will surely develop their thinking and analytical capabilities.
•The set is great for MEN and WOMEN, ages 20-40, who love Mind games, memory games, logic games, and mathematical challenges.
•The set is great for MEN & WOMEN ages 50-100, who look for games to train their memory and analytic abilities, and to prevent dementia.
What are the benefits of this set?
•It activates your IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY.
•It able you to practice MATH and LOGIC.
•The cubes are SPEED and turns really fast which allows a great training to your knuckles.
•QUALITY: This product passes with excellent quality test!
How will this cubes set make you feel?
•Be sure, you'll have fun!
•Your thinking will become faster, sharper and more focused!
•You will improve your logical and strategy thinking!

LOOK NO FURTHER….. TOOKKY is clearly the best choice with its 100% 1 years Guarantee with proof of purchase, it is a RISK FREE purchase you shouldn't pass up.
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