About us

Nowadays young kids are either on their computer, on their tablet, or smart phones, their eyes on the screen 24/7. We at TOOKKY believe it's about time to change that!! To bring back the times when the whole family sat together to play fun and educating games.
We know our kids. We know they prefer YOUTUBE over PUZZLES, prefer FACEBOOK over MONOPOLY and LEGOS. We know they don't use encyclopedias anymore but WIKIPEDIA. And that worries us. What about knowledge? What about curiosity? What about asking questions and looking for ways to answer them?
That's why we decided to combine it all. We decided to invite the whole family (and their tablets) to sit around our games. Our games are pure fun, but at the same time make you think, make you ask questions, make you run to the smart phone to look it up.
Our TOOKKY games really fit the whole family: the toddler who can play with the secure and safe parts, the young kid who wants to know more about these parts and has millions of questions about the world, the parent/grandparent who can answer them, or even better, look them over with the kids.
The kids can play it alone or with you. What is certain is that it won't be a one-time game like many of the games today. We believe in games for life, about life!
Our TOOKKY games are totally ORIGINAL. They give your kids the ability to think independently and creatively. Every part of our games was analyzed again and again, till we reached the final, perfect product.
Dear parents/grandparents, we offer your angels the best because we believe in them.
We at TOOKKY offer High-Quality, Affordable, Educational, and beautifully Designed Games that are Suitable for YOUR SMART KIDS!
We at TOOKKY offer prompt service at reasonable prices. We want you and your kids to be completely satisfied.
So, don’t wait TOO long,
Order our TOOKKY games now!